About Us

Keeping the shooting sports heritage alive

Recognizing the importance of introducing safe and responsible shooting sports to the youth and insuring that hunting and shooting traditions and opportunities remain intact, the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance was formalized. YSSA has become a central location for equipment needs for youth shooting and hunting programs across the country since 2007.

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance selects priority youth shooting programs that best contribute to the future market goals of the industry, and provides support by distributing equipment and supplies to address the growth limitations of these programs.

To address two important challenges regarding the recruitment and retention of new shooters, the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance:

  • Identifies and supports the needs of successful and safe youth programs
  • Provides leadership in the development and promotion of family-friendly shooting ranges to encourage continued participation in the shooting sports
Shooting Range Richfield

Registered Tax-exempt Youth Development Fundraising Organization

The YSSA was formally known as the 4H Shooting Sports Foundation. After many years of servicing 4H, it was determined by the Board of Directors in able to reach out to more youth and expand our reach we would reinvent the organization as the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance.

Our goals are to help the barrier of entry for youth by providing safe and reliable equipment, donated by the industry in order to manage the many youth programs available today. We do not discriminate and no youth program is too small or too large.

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