NOTE: Program entry in the Youth Shooting Sports Program Directory is required for all applicants to be considered for an equipment grant in this YSSA grant approval process. The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA), in partnership with the Mule Deer Foundation, developed this online Directory featured on YSSA’s website www.youthshootingsa.com. The Directory is county based and will serve as an excellent tool in recruiting new youth shooters to join the fun with your program’s shooting sports activities. To enter your program in the Directory is easy. Simply click “Submit a New Program” on the right side of the Directory banner. Basic program and contact information is requested for prospective youth participants and their parents to review. You can also specify the shooting sports activities offered in your program. A second contact information block is provided for use by YSSA to verify the content to be displayed before it is approved for posting. Statewide shooting sports program leaders should click “All” for the listing of counties in each state while local club leaders can specify the appropriate county in the drop-down menu provided. Please note that independent cities are also identified in those states having such jurisdictions. Click “Submit” and your program will be listed after review.


  • A. Provide an overview of your youth shooting sports program to include 2022-23 levels of youth participation; shooting range location; shooting disciplines offered; and projected increase in Participation in 2024.

  • Preferred Equipment Loan Period:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
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  • 2. Over the past several years, the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA) has also been able to acquire selected shooting sports supply items for distribution to youth shooting sports programs. Please list the type and quantity of equipment and/or supply items requested below (if requested items are not available, similar products may be substituted.):

    NOTE: Due to the limited availability and varying prices of ammunition the YSSA will not distribute Ammunition. Youth program leaders are encouraged to contact education@vistaoutdoor.com to be notified of special pricing alerts for ammunition purchase.

  • 3. Items needed but not listed above, please note:
    We will do what we can to accommodate within reason. This list will also aid in future donations from the Industry.

  • Equipment DescriptionNumber Requested 
  • 4. Provide a signed copy of the Federal Firearms License (FFL) from the gun dealer that will be receiving firearms in your organization’s behalf. In accordance with the Federal Law, we must ship the firearms to a licensed firearms dealer who is willing to accept delivery and handle the paperwork for you. Firearms will be shipped to your FFL holder pre-paid by the YSSA. The costs incurred for the return shipment and insurance for the loaned equipment must be pre-paid by the youth program.

    Any Archery, BB gun and other non FFL required products will be shipped to program address only. Firearms will be shipped to FFL address.

    The youth shooting sports program receiving loaned equipment will be responsible for normal cleaning, storage and security while the equipment is in its possession. The YSSA’s inventory of shooting sports equipment will be in circulation for some time and will be used by many different youth programs. Following your program’s use of this equipment, there are other youth programs depending on its immediate availability for their use. Therefore, we ask that you take care of the equipment while in your possession in consideration of the next user group.

    Loaned equipment which is lost or stolen will be billed to you at the distributor price. Please report any loss or theft of firearms to the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance immediately so that we may report it to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

    5. Describe opportunities to share donated equipment with other youth shooting sports programs affiliated with your organization.

  • 6. If selected as a priority program, how will you recognize the YSSA for its support? How will you recognize YSSA support in social media? Like any fundraising and philanthropic organization, the YSSA requires your success stories to bring back to our donors and supporters. Your success is our strongest advertisement, and motivator of our supporters.


  • The undersigned applicant hereby certifies that the information contained in the proposal is true and correct. The applicant further certifies that equipment and/or supplies provided by the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance and partnering companies will be appropriately secured, maintained and utilized solely in support of safe and responsible youth shooting sports programs. The applicant takes full responsibility in carrying out the programs outlined in the proposal and holds the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance and any companies providing equipment and/or supplies in support of such programs harmless from any and all liability relating to claims made and actions taken in any way associated with this grant.

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