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Meeting the challenges of retaining new shooters

Introducing young people to the pleasures and responsibilities of shooting and hunting is the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA)’s most important task. Our mission is to ensure that the sport’s time-honored traditions remain intact and will continue for generations to come.

As a registered, tax-exempt Youth Development Fundraising Organization in North Augusta, South Carolina, the YSSA was organized to address two important challenges regarding the recruitment and retention of new shooters:

  • Identify and support the needs of successful and safe youth programs
  • Provide leadership in the development and promotion of family-friendly shooting ranges to encourage continued participation in the shooting sports

How the YSSA supports
shooting sports programs


Program Needs

The YSSA provides guidance in identifying shooting sports programs that are deemed qualified for financial assistance and/or product support.


Facilities Development

The YSSA promotes the development and promotion of family-friendly shooting ranges with a positive shooting atmosphere conducive to new shooter participation.


Strategic Planning

The YSSA’s organizational and strategic plan is to support youth shooting sports programs and lay out their purpose, mission, and goals.