Certified Basic Archery Instructor

Basic Archery Instructor

In as little as 8 hours, you'll learn how to accurately shoot a bow, teach beginner archers, manage a basic archery program, repair equipment, and change lives through archery.

"Basic Instructor" is a joint certification of the USA Archery and National Field Archery Association (NADA). NADA facilitates the training of over 6,000 new Basic Instructors each year on behalf of the organization. It's geared toward camps, schools, recreation, youth agencies, and anywhere there's a short-term archery program.

Basic Archery Instructor Course Content

  • Range safety
  • How to shoot a bow
  • How to select equipment for beginner archers
  • How to teach beginner archers
  • How to run a basic program
  • Sample lesson plans
  • How to teach simple "Drills & Skills" to new archers

Basic Archery Instructor Course Costs

  • $20 for materials and 3-year certification
  • Stipend for Course Instructor

Schedule / Locate a Qualified Course Instructor

To schedule a course or locate a qualified course instructor for you if you have a minimum of 6 participants, please contact NADA.

NADA does not charge for this service. Course instructors become independent contractors of your organization and set their own teaching rates, of which NADA has no control.

NADA has loaner bow boxes filled with either 12 recurve or 12 Genesis compound bows, arrows and safety gear. These bow boxes are available for a minimum of 6 course participants for only the shipping cost.

Contact NADA for details

National Alliance for the Development of Archery (NADA)
25145 NW 8th Place, Suite 60
Newberry, FL 32669
(352) 472-2388 phone
(352) 472-2388 fax