Special Offers

The shooting sports industry has proudly served in a leadership role in supporting youth shooting sports programs nationwide.

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance will be featuring special offers for equipment, supplies, services, and fundraising ideas from the industry and shooting sports organizations to help you -- the leaders of youth shooting sports programs nationwide -- continue your vital role in bringing the joy of shooting to our kids.

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance has provided a brief overview below of special offers from participating organizations and guidance on how to take advantage of these promotions.



Vista Outdoor Inc., a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of consumer products in the outdoor sports and recreation markets. Federal Premium, CCI, Savage Arms and Champion Targets and Traps have been longtime supporters of introducing the next generation to shooting sports and the great outdoors. Our Brands have an unparalleled commitment to conservation and safety in the shooting sports and outdoor recreation industry. Visit www.vistaoutdoor.com for more information and a complete list of our brands.


Special Youth Purchasing provided by Savage Arms, Federal Premium, CCI, Champion Targets- contact education@vistaoutdoor.com for more information.


TRUGLO...When Brightness Counts

TRUGLO is a true story of innovation. For more than twenty years, TRUGLO has remained the world leader in fiber-optic and TFO (tritium/fiber-optic) technology for the shooting sports industry. The TRUGLO brand is known internationally for its state-of-the-art product designs, consistent quality and its philosophy to manufacture only products that offer to the consumer "value-added" features and benefits.

TRUGLO is TRULY dedicated to today's young shooters. YOU are the future of our industry! We proudly support Youth Shooting Sports Alliance and want to thank each and every dedicated instructor and young shooter for carrying forward the legacy of all shooting sports.

To show our appreciation and support of youth shooting, please visit our website at www.truglo.com to view our product selection. You can then contact us by completing the web form under the "Contact Us" section of the TRUGLO website, or simply send us an email at contactus@truglo.com to see whether your organization qualifies for a special Youth Shooting Sports Alliance pricing discount on a one-time product order.

It's our way of saying "Thank You" for making TRUGLO products an integral part of teaching today's young shooters. Pass on the heritage. Teach your children about the great outdoors. And remember, TRUGLO... When Brightness Counts!



Almost 60 years ago, Daisy wrote the shooting education and marksmanship training curriculum which, today, is still used by most youth organizations. We like to say that "Daisy teaches America to shoot safely," but the truth is that we don't do it alone. We're proud of our association with these groups and their dedicated volunteers who do so much to perpetuate the sport by introducing young people to match competition shooting. In recognition of their effort, Daisy offers substantial discounts to qualified non-profit organizations. A small portion of our AVANTI line of match competition air rifles and pistols can be viewed by clicking here!

However, our "special markets" line is much larger and we'd encourage interested parties to call 1-800-643-3458, ask for Special Markets and identify themselves and their organizations. We have the products and the experience, and with your expertise and hard work, we look forward to assisting you with a successful program.


Henry Repeating Arms

Offer 1 - Henry Repeating Arms offers a special price program for bonafide instructors
Offer 2 - Henry Repeating Arms offers special edition rifles for the Boy Scouts

For more information, contact info@henryrepeating.com or call 718-499-5600.


Junior Shooters

Junior Shooters is a magazine dedicated to the next generation of shooters and the businesses, organizations, families, and friends that support them. It is dedicated to juniors of all ages, but primarily from the ages of 8-21, depending upon the shooting sport. The premier issue of Junior Shooters was published in August 2007 and strives to be the first of its kind to promote juniors involved in shooting and the many disciplines they are shooting, all in one publication. Junior shooters and their parents now have a publication in which they can learn what is needed to get started in many different shooting venues. Questions will be answered about guns and gear needed, protective gear, events, organizations, and more.

Please visit our website at www.juniorshooters.net to learn more!


Boyt Harness Company

For more than 100 years, Boyt Harness Company has provided the highest-quality products to the hunters and shooters.

With the addition of Bob Allen Sportswear, Secure Vault, ADG Sports, Rattler Brands, and Bug-Out, Boyt offers quality hard and soft gun cases, bags, pouches, safes, archery cases, range bags/boxes, shooting glasses, gloves, snake proof chaps/gaiters, bug suits, shooting vests, shirts, coats, and much more.

An avid advocate of youth programs, Boyt is pleased to offer significant discounts to youth shooting sports programs to help organizations to defray costs, enabling them to reach more kids!

Please check out Boyt product offerings at the following websites: www.boytharness.com, www.bob-allen.com, and www.adgsports.com. To see whether your youth program qualifies for special pricing and to place order, please call Shanna at 1-800-550-2698.

Boyt is proud to support Youth Shooting Sports Alliance and would like to thank the program leaders who are working with our great youth and providing them the opportunities to be involved in shooting sports.