4H – Cumberland County Sharpshooters


"Our Team is the 4HCumberland County Sharp Shooters. We meet on Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 PM (dependent on weather and or holidays).We use single shot bolt action .22 long rifle caliber guns Olympic"" style peep sights with round apertures at US Army/NRA Official 50ft small bore rifle targets.We can supply rifles or they can use their own. Ammunition is supplied at close to cost (today's market changes rate).NRA rules are followed using the ten target format. Three shooting positions consisting of prone, siting, and standing. We teach leadership through team assignments, meetings, and club functions. We also teach and stress basic gun safety and marksmanship training. There are fund raisers that members are expected to complete and participate. There are individual projects required for the PA Farm Show time frame.We request shooters complete the PA Hunter Safety program. Age can be 12-18 but depends on what age they are in January. We prefer 13 and up. All participants must be a member of the 4H which can be completed either through us or at the extension office after meeting with team leaders and or coaches. The individuals selected to shoot at the State competition is on one of two teams. Four for Senior and four for Junior. We are limited on the number of shooters at this time due to time and equipment constraints.


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