Adair County 4-H Shooting Sports


Breaking clays punching paper busting caps flinging arrow and counting Xs are all part of the 4-H Shooting Sports project. Safety first — but lots of fun! The Shooting Sports project includes many options for 4-H members. You will learn safe gun handling skills and sound fundamentals of shooting under the guidance of caring and knowledgeable adult volunteers.4-H Shooting Sports is a youth development educational program. It uses the skills and disciplines of shooting to assist young people and their leaders in obtaining knowledge and developing skills. Development of skills within the discipline of shooting and "life skills" is implicit in the program curriculum and explicitly stated for volunteers. It appeals to young people and volunteers from a wide range of urban and rural backgrounds. 4-H Shooting Sports promotes positive youth-adult interaction and peer leadership.The focus of the Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports program is the total development of the young person. The shooting sports and related natural resource activities are utilized as a vehicle for human growth and development. The Shooting Sports program attracts new audiences as well as enhances the traditional 4-H club program.As with all Missouri 4-H projects Shooting Sports is open to any youth from ages of 8 through 18.Project choices for youth include:740. Shooting Sports Safety – pre-requisite for other SS projects. See SS policies for additional details.741. Archery742. Air Rifle/BB Gun743. Smallbore Rifle - .22 caliber744. Air Pistol745. Shotgun (11 years of age and older)747. Smallbore Pistol (14 and older)748. Muzzle Loading (11 years of age and older)749. Hunting Outdoor Skills


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