Alaska Biathlon Association, Inc.

  • Address: 645 G St. Suite 694-100
  • City: Anchorage
  • ZIP: 99501
  • Phone: 907-696-8149
  • Contact name: Stephen Wilson
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:
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Alaska Biathlon Association (ABA) is the regional and state coordinating organization for Alaska. Our mission is to promote the biathlon sport statewide, through races, camps, clinics and athlete development.

Specific programs:

  • Youth selection races for Team Alaska and Arctic Winter Games
  • Summer biathlon camp
  • Youth selection for elite athlete development camps
  • Interface and coordinate with the national governing body, US Biathlon Association
  • Advise local clubs on rifle range and ski trail development
  • Issue scholarship rifles to high potential youth biathletes
  • Support shooting biathlon clinics around the state with shooting and ski coaches
  • Consolidate bulk ammunition order for the six biathlon clubs in Alaska

Age of Participants
10 to 60 years old


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