Alpine Camp for Boys

  • Address: P.O. Box 297 138 County Road 619
  • City: Mentone
  • Zipcode: 35984
  • Phone: (256) 634-4404
  • E-Mail:
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Archeryisa classic camp activity and one that campers particularly enjoy. Archery classes provide campers with theopportunity to learn and develop new skills while still having fun withchallenging games and shooting competitions.Alpine is a member of the Camp Archery Association therefore, boys areable to work toward different awards, certificates, and brassards. AGES: All agesRiflery is a popularactivity at camp. It is the objective ofthe Riflery Program to teach campers a sound respect for firearms, to providecampers with basic rifle marksmanship instruction, and to teach campers thefundamentals of firearms and hunter safety. Boys are instructed in the use of.22 caliber, single shot rifles and air rifles.AGES: All ages (Rising 2nd 4th graderswill be instructed using air rifles. Rising 5th graders and olderwill use .22 caliber rifles and air rifles)


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