Black Hills High School Rifle Team

  • Address: Black Hills HS 7741 Littlerock Rd SW
  • City: Olympia
  • Zipcode: 98512
  • Phone: 714 222 9694
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:
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The #1 goal of the BHHS Rifle Team is to develop safe shooters that compete in the interscholastic league for the area. All participants receive safety training equipment familiarization as well as a written safety test before they can shoot. Safety is paramount.Competitive shooting requires focus self-discipline and listening. Our goal is to provide a challenging environment that can help any student develop these skills and become leaders.


  1. Roman

    The Black Hills rifle team is incredibly fun and strives to include all shooters in out of practice activities like fundraising parties and post-match parties. The team is a fantastic entry level team and an easy way to get into the sport. The energy on the team is full of comrades and helpful leaders that love to take people under their wing. Captains know how important felling involved is. They go out of the way to include members and fuel their passion.

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