Blaze Orange Young Sporting Club Inc.


We just got started in October of 2013. We started with 15 kids from 5th through 12th grade. We have been teaching them about Gun Safety, Trap and Skeet. This is a club for all team members to shoot and compete no matter size or grades witch encourage for good grades, This club is for those kids how don't allway fit in a school sport. This past year we have competed through Aim, ATA and SCTP. Plus, some of our high school boys in FFA has competed and took 2nd place at the Rend Lake FFA Trap Shooting competition with one of our boys tied for second over all. We train these kids in art of Trap and Skeet. Hopefully they can us this to further their education in college and learn and enjoy shooting. This next year I'm hoping to introduce Pistol and Archery. our goal is to fund our team totally fees, clothing and ammo. We have a great head coach Bob Watson he is also the president I am the Vice-president my name is Janice Williams.


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