Central Texas Junior High Power Rifle

  • Address: 1045 Shiloh Trail
  • City: China Spring
  • Zipcode: 76633
  • Phone: 479-518-2652
  • E-Mail: kgrebwtu@att.net
  • Website: http://www.ctrpclub.org


We are one program supported by the Centex Rifle and Pistol club. We are the Jr. High Power Rifle Team. We compete and practice year Oct - Dec are our slow months. We shoot AR-15's M1A's and other military type rifles in our high power competitions. We compete in 3 major state championships annually and we compete at Nationals @ Camp Perry Ohio each year. We travel across the state shooting matches monthly and when we are not competing we are practicing on Saturday's. Ages for our junior high power program is from 14 - 20 years old. The club does offer other junior programs that start as early as the child can safely hold a firearm.


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