Chaparral WMA Youth Shooting Sports Events

  • Address: 64 Chaparral WMA Dr
  • City: Cotulla
  • Zipcode: 78014
  • Phone: 830-676-3413
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:


We host 2 Youth Shooting Sports Eventsper year here at the Chaparral Wildlife Management Area Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. We invite high schools from the south Texas area to the Chaparral WMA for a presentation of wildlife management gun safety and then take them out to our shooting ranges where we have 8 stations (archery pistols 2 shotgun stations .22 rifle 2 muzzleloader stations and centerfire rifle). We hold the event for 3 days in the spring and 3 days in the fall inviting 1 or 2 schools each day.


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