Colorado Territory Ghost Riders 4-H Club

  • Address: 4434 County Road 43
  • City: Bailey
  • Zipcode: 80421
  • Phone: 303-818-9290
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:


4-H Shooting Sports Western Heritage Project is hands-on history where members get to experience the life-styles and cultures of the Old West from the period of 1860-1900. Shooters dress in Old West garb and compete against the clock by firing at steel or cardboard targets at various distances with period firearms. The Colorado Territory Ghost Riders will be using two Colt Frontier Scout Single Action Army revolvers a Winchester 9422 lever action rifle and a Browning B-S/S 20 gauge shotgun. Scoring is based on accuracy and the time that lapses from the first shot to the last.


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