Competition Rifle Team at Michigan Technological University


For people who are interested in the shooting sports here at Michigan Tech the Competition Rifle Team is providing the very best in competition style training and athletic competitions. Our goal is to develop the marksmanship skills of the team members to a level at which the team can compete against NCAA division schools.Feel free to talk to any club officers at any time about your questions or concerns. We highly stress the importance of safety. There is nothing of more importance to our club than the safe operation of the rifle range. We offer safety equipment to anyone who asks but we recommend that you provide your own after several weeks of participation.The club dues for a year are thirty dollars or twenty dollars per semester. The payment of dues does not cover the cost of ammunition but does cover the range fee use of equipment targets etc. The first time that you visit the range we provide everything you need including ammunition at no charge. We will sell ammunition to members and you may provide you own as long as it is safe.


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