Davison County 4-H Shooting Sports

  • Address: 3200 W. Havens
  • City: Mitchell
  • ZIP: 57301
  • Contact Name: Bryan Titze
  • Phone: 605-770-4385
  • E-Mail: bryanfisherman@hotmail.com
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/DavisonCounty4H/


The Davison County 4-H Shooting Sports Program is designed to teach the youth, ages 8 to 18 as of January 1st of current year, from our community and many of the surrounding, safe & responsible use of guns and archery equipment.

The program promotes the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, ethical behavior & conservation.

The Davison County 4-H Shooting Sports Program is an all volunteer program. Some volunteers are parents whose kids are involved and others are adults in the community who are interested in working with young people on basic shooting skills and safety. Cost is $20.00 for a youth participant per year. You must register with sd.4honline.com. Youth become a Davison County 4-H/Shooting Sports Club Member. We need this done so they are covered under the insurance that is provided. We then have safety discipline training. This will take place on the last Monday in November and the first Monday in December for indoor season and for trap is on the 3rd Monday in May for registration. All start time are at 6:30 p. m. For the indoor season we shoot from the first Monday in January to the last Monday in April at the Davison County Fairgrounds. Trap is shot from the 1st Monday in June to the 2nd Monday in September at the Mitchell Trap Range. If there is a cancellation, you will receive an email and will be announced on local radio stations. If school is cancelled for weather in Mitchell, shooting sports is also. Safety Glasses must be worn by youth and parents once entering and exiting the activities center or on the trap range unless you have prescription glasses. They can be removed to shoot archery.

Our club shoots these disciplines: Archery Instruction teaches the nine steps of shooting form - Stance, Nock, Set, Pre-Draw, Draw, Anchor, Aim, Release and Follow Through. For scoring we use the NFAA 300 Round Target, shooting only 30 arrows for a possible score of 150. BB gun at 5 meter bulls, .177 cal air rifle and pistol at 10 meter bulls plus indoor silhouettes, .22 cal rifle and pistol (for ages 11-18 if they have shot 1 year of bb gun, air rifle, or air pistol) at 50 ft in the Davison Shooting Club indoor shooting range. Trap shooters gain shotgun handling skills by shooting trap and skeet at the Mitchell Trap Range.

The testing in shooting sports for the youth is to know if they have grasped the general knowledge in the disciplines. We have them test in both the archery and rifle/pistol. The reason for that is they are in close proximity to all disciplines as we shoot everything in one night. A youth may also start out shooting one and then switching to another. One of the questions on the test is what does a youth need to do to qualify for the State Competition in Ft. Pierre. It is to score a 75% or more on the test and shoot a minimum score in a match setting for the discipline they are shooting. If they do not do this, it does not mean that they cannot shoot and learn for the rest of our indoor season. They can. A match setting is letting the people at the front table and the line officer know that you are going to shoot for a match, so you can receive the correct targets and score sheet for it.

Age of Participants
8-18 yrs old


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