Diablo Valley Shotgun

  • Address: 124 Bria Ct 94597
  • City: Walnut Creek
  • Zipcode: -3455
  • Phone: 925-934-9455
  • E-Mail: rjguyette@gmail.com
  • Website:


Diablo Valley Shotgun (DVS) is a competitive shooting sports program competing in SCTP CYSSA and USAS events.We compete in American Skeet American Trap Sporting Clays and International Skeet (Olympic Skeet). The program has been active for five (5) years and practices are held at the United Sportsmen Inc. range in Concord CA. The program typically runs in conjunction with the school year (from September through July). Team members are typically drawn from the tri-valley area encompassing Contra Costa Alameda and Solano counties. Team members typically first engage in shotgun sports via the California Musketeer's program run by the Diablo Rod Gun Club.


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