Eastern Shore Organic Farms and Real Role Models for Youth

  • Address: 1531 Long Parish Way
  • City: Chesapeake
  • Zipcode: 23320
  • Phone: (757) 343-3543
  • E-Mail: easternshoreorganicfarms@gmail.com
  • Website: http://esofonline.org


Eastern Shore Organic Farms (ESOF) Inc. is a veteran organization for a national cause. It is headquartered on a nonprofit 501(c)(19)(pending) farm near Accomack Virginia. ESOF is able to speak to a wide range of needs for youth and issues that our veterans currently face when returning from deployment. Its mission of aiding youth and veterans is centered around three specialized programs: ESOF* Real Role Models for Youth*(RRMFY) and Re5 Warrior.The Eastern Shore Organic Farms and Real Role Model for Youth programs include activities such as farming team building mentorship confidence courses and social skill educational courses. Focus integrity courage and commitment will help ensure the future of each Real Role Model for Youth program attendee's success and that of our U. S. of A.In addition ESOF also hosts special events geared toward providing activities and get-away experiences for youth and veterans at the farm near Accomack. The Eastern Shore Paradise is our annual community event exposing youth to firearms safety and many other events. Please visit www.esofonline.org for more information.


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