Emmaus High School Hornets Rifle Team

  • Address: High School Athletic Department 500 Macungie Avenue
  • City: Emmaus
  • Zipcode: 18049
  • Phone: 610-965-1670
  • E-Mail: dramella@eastpennsd.org
  • Website: http://new.eastpennsd.org/ehs/


Emmaus High School Hornets are a COED Small Bore Prone league.Teams range in size from 12-24 shooters both Varsity and developmental shooters.Regulated by PIAA rules it is a Varsity Winter Sports Program at the High School.Emmaus High School is one of 10 High School Teams in the North East Pennsylvania Rifle League (NEPARL) that compete against each other.See the NEPARLwebsite at https://sites.google.com/site/neparifleleague/ or simply Google NEPARL . High School Teams each send 10 varsity shooters to the mat to fire 10 record bulls on a NRA/USA-50 target for a maximum point score of 100.The five highest shooter's individual scores are compared to the same from the opposing team to determine a team winner.The teams compete in nine regular season matches.There is a tournament for the top 4 teams at the end of the regular season.The top 3 teams also compete at the State Level against the best teams from 40 schools across the state.This postal match is sponsored by the PRPL.Each team sends 10 shooters to the mat to shoot 2 NRA/USA-50 targets.Again the five best scores from the 10 shooters comprise the team score. NEPARL also sends 10 top shooters from the league to compete against 30 other top shooters from the state for an individual match competition on 4 NRA/USA-50 targets.


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