Johnson Country 4-H Shooters

  • Address: 6249 E. F. 916
  • City: Grandview
  • Zipcode: 76050
  • Phone: 817-991-5525
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:


To teach youth the safe handling of firearms and archery equipment. To enjoy good sportsmanship and competitive shooting. We have been a club for 17 years. We compete in several competitions across the state and have monthly meetings to practice our disciplines which include several .22 rifle disciplines such as light rifle 3-P and silhouttes. We also teach muzzleloading shotgun air rifles and pistols b.b. and .22 pistols. We have 45 youth in our club and the program is growing. Upcoming events that will effect our having a supply of ammo soon will be Extravaganza our district 8 rifle contest YHEC H.O.T. in Brady and of course state in July. The past 3 years we have had 7 youth from our club participate in the Nationals.


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