Lamar County

  • Address: 4315 Bonham Street, Suite A
  • City: Paris
  • Zipcode: 75460
  • Phone: 903-737-2443
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:


The Lamar County 4-H Shooting Sports Club is one of our largest projects with the most participation. The two main projects in the Shooing Sports club that our youth are involved in are Rifle Shotgun. As with any project there are rules and guidelines that must be followed and is especially true for this project. Lamar County has seven certified shooting sports coaches who take pride in working with our youth ensuring they learn proper safety and handling whether they are on a range, at a competition or out hunting with their family all the while still having fun. Lamar County takes pride in educating our youth in activities that are enjoyable, socially acceptable, mentally an physically challenging and useful in building character.


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