Law Enforcement Cadet Corps

  • Address: Department of Public Safety Academy 877 Sawmill Creek Rd
  • City: Sitka
  • Zipcode: 99835
  • Phone: (907) 747-6611
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:


The LawEnforcement Cadet Corps is a program sponsored by Mt. EdgecumbeHigh School, the AlaskaDepartment of Labor, the Sitka Police Department, and theAlaska State Troopers for the purpose of educating students who are interestedin law enforcement or public service careers.Cadetsreceive instruction in a wide variety of law enforcement subjects and may go on“ride-along” patrols with local law enforcement. LECC cadets are not police officers, but thetraining and experience they receive will allow them to explore careers inpublic service. The character building,leadership and assets development ingrained in this program will benefit thecadets in any occupation they select.Cadets receive training in First Aid/CPR, Search and Rescue, Firefighting, WildernessSurvival, Water Safety, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Crime Scene Investigation,and other LE topics.The program continuesto develop partnerships for cadets to learn about LE in other State and Federalorganizations, provide summer camps, expand the curriculum, and increasecommunity service opportunities.The LawEnforcement Cadet Corps is more than career exploration. It is an investment in our youth. It also supports the belief that the plagueof domestic violence, sexual assault and drug and alcohol abuse has no place inour culture and trusts that these youth will not tolerate it as they shape thefuture of Alaska.


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