Leicester Patriots 4-H Shooting Sports Club

  • Address: 778 North Turkey Creek Road
  • City: Leicester
  • Zipcode: 28748
  • Phone: 828-683-1172 or 828-777-1667
  • E-Mail: mitzi778@att.net
  • Website:


Leicester Patriots 4-H Shooting Sports Club provides instruction on safety proper handling and maintenance of firearms and archery equipment from certified instructors. We also provide a safe environment for 4-Her's and their families to become involved in the competitive side of shooting. Younger youth start the program with BB guns until age 8. Youth ages 9-13 years old are juniors and begin to shoot .22 rifles these youth may compete in the various competitionswithin the4-H program. Weatherit be archery small bore rifles etc.Seniors are ages 14 - 19 years of age and also compete in the various competitions depending on their placement he/she may also place on the state team to go on to Nationals. The youth learn teamwork and other life skills along with having a great time.


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