Lenoir County 4-H Shooting Program

  • Address: 2749 Byrd Road
  • City: LaGrange
  • Zipcode: 28551
  • Phone: (252) 566-5211
  • E-Mail: gbyrdrnncsn@gmail.com
  • Website: http://lenoir.ces.ncsu.edu/


The 4-H Shooting Sports is an active program attractive to youth and adult audiences.The curriculum is designed to assist young people in personal development, establish a personal environmental ethic and explore life-long vocational and avocational activities.The program uses experiential learning and positive interactions with youth and adult role models to help young people develop self-concepts, self- assurance and a positive self-image.The content provides a framework of knowledge and skills for lifetime participation in recreation hobbies and careers related to shooting sports and wildlife.Core concepts stress safety, ethical development, personal responsibility and lifetime recreational skills.


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