Lewistown Junior Rifle Club

  • Address: 220 West Montana Street
  • City: Lewistown
  • Zipcode: 59457
  • Phone: 406-535-3613
  • E-Mail: hrubesronald@yahoo.com
  • Website:


This program starts the first of October and runs through March. The weeks between Christmas and New Years are off. There is an average of26 shooters between the ages of 11 and 19. Shooting is on Monday and Tuesday evenings with the youth choosing which evening session works best in their schedule. The Lewistown Junior Rifle Club follows the NRA guidelines for advancement through the positions and are coached by NRA certified adults. Young shooters start with the Daisy tournament B-B rifles provided to us by the Jaycees. The adult league maintains the range and provides some accessories. At this time the youth do not shoot in tournaments since they lack the moresophisticated equipment but plans are in the works to acquire what is needed.


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