Mach-Kin-O-Siew Boy Scout Camp – Pathway to Adventure Council, BSA


Camp Mach-Kin-O-SiewScouts will marvel at the beautiful forests and glacial lakes as well as acres of bog that make up Camp Mach. The camp's 540 acres of natural splendor are home to 13 campsites and 8 program areas.Camp Mach offers an experience true to Scouting's aims and methods with meal preparation done by Scouts at their campsites. They pick up their fresh food supplies at the camp commissary then prepare cook and eat as a Patrol. Scouts will learn character and leadership skills experience the Patrol Method and strengthen their Troop during this incredible adventure.The Camp Mach staff offers a very dynamic program for every Scout. Program areas include Scoutcraft Shooting Sports Handicraft Ecology/Conservation and Climbing to name a few. A wide variety of merit badges are offered in all of these areas.The Camp Mach staff is dedicated to making your adventure a memorable one. Our trained and experienced staff members are here to guide you through all of the camp's fun and exciting activities. Join us by signing up today.Camp Mach Adventure ProgramHigh Adventure Outpost ProgramDo you like hiking canoeing and cooking your own meals in the wilderness? If this sounds like your thing the Outpost program is for you. We will be running a 4-day 3-night adventure on the Flambeau River in the Flambeau State Forest. Scout groups that choose to participate will be guided by two staff members on this memorable journey.On-Site Outpost ProgramThere are different Outpost activities that may include wilderness day hikes metal forging lunch on the lake as you canoe Big Apple Lake and wilderness survival camping.You might enjoy a unique experience like walking the hiking trail to the camp's famous bogs.The Outpost programs are very flexible allowing Scouts to make their own Outpost adventure.Eagle QuestFocusing on leaning and rank advancement there are numerous activities geared for both young and older boys alike making Eagle Quest a destination for any camper!


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