Maspenock Junior Rifle Program

  • Address: P.O.Box 42 1 McGill Lane 3/12/2014 14:35
  • City: Milford
  • Zipcode: 1757
  • Phone: 508-473-9795
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Maspenock Rod and Gun Club believes the future of our club depends on the sportspersons of the future.With this is in mind Maspenock acknowledges that we must be able to provide education of juniors in the safe and responsible use of outdoor sports equipment and help them become proficient in their use.Students use the NRA Basic Marksmanship handbook. The course of instruction generally starts around Labor Day and is held on Tuesdays through the Memorial Day. The first classes focus on the standard fundamentals of gun safety rifle parts and operation and range procedures and commands. The students do not start shooting until this portion of the lesson is completed.All shooters begin with the bench-rest position. Once non-scouts are comfortable with the rifle they begin the NRA Qualification course of fire.Here they shoot for qualification in rank starting at Pro-Marksman and advancing towards Expert becoming proficient in the three shooting positions. As they attain each new rank they are awarded with the appropriate embroidered patch and NRA certificate.


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