Mule Deer Foundation- M.U.L.E.Y Program

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Purpose of the M.U.L.E.Y. ProgramMISSION:To safelyintroduce and mentor youth in hunting shooting sports and wildlifeconservation.GOALS: To educate and motivate anaverage of 20 000 youth per year to participate in hunting shooting sports andwildlife conservation activities.VISION:Participation inthe shooting and hunting sports as well as that of wildlife conservation areall projected to decrease dramatically over the next 20 years. Without active participants these long-standingtraditions of hunting shooting and conservation will die along with those whohave worked so hard to establish them.It is the vision of the M.U.L.E.Y. Programto help reverse this trend by actively engaging youth in a variety of huntingand shooting sports activities while also teaching conservation principles safety and ethics through mentored hands on experiences. These activities are designedto teach and encourage youth to be:·Mindful of and show respect toward wildlife·Understanding of the relationshipbetween shooting sports and conservation·Legal·Ethical·Youth The M.U.L.E.Y.Program is to act as a mentor program creating pathways to existing hunting shootingand conservation programs in their community.M.U.L.E.Y. will begin the youth’s involvement with local programs andmentor youth through their hunting shooting sports and wildlife conservationjourney.Introduce Instruct Inspire = Increased InvolvementTenets of the M.U.L.E.Y. ProgramThe two maintenets of the M.U.L.E.Y. Program are:·Thesafe introduction and mentoring of youth in hunting and shooting sports·Educatingyouth on the importance of wildlife conservationSHOOTING SPORTS:ShootingTechniques: Includingthe proper handling aiming firing etc. of rifles shotguns handguns bows etc.Firearmand Shooting Safety: Includingthe proper uses of all shooting equipment.Youth will be instructed on firearm safety both at the range and in thefield. They will be taught theprinciples of safe range shooting as well as safe hunting.PracticalExperience: Youthwill be provided with an opportunity to put into practice all skills andinformation which they have learned concerning proper safety and techniques. HUNTING and WILDLIFE CONSERVATION:EthicalHunting: Includingthe fundamentals of how when where and why to hunt. Youth will be encouraged to always followlegal guidelines and regulations established by the government.PracticalHunting Experience: Youthwill be provided with an opportunity to put into practice all skills andinformation which they have learned concerning hunting techniques.Mule Deer Black-tailed Deer Biology: Includingthe basic needs of mule deer and black-tailed deer. This will enable youth to be activeparticipants in conservation efforts.Conservation: Including knowledge notonly about wildlife and habitat but will help youth understand what their roleis in conserving both.Habitatand Wildlife: Includingthe vital role that wildlife and habitat plays in a balanced and healthyenvironment.


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