NRA Whittington Center Adventure Camp

  • Address: PO Box 700 10 Miles S/SW on Hwy 64
  • City: Raton
  • Zipcode: 87740
  • Phone: 800-494-4853
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:


The NRA Whittington Center Adventure Campwill teach you the fundamentals of pistol rifle muzzleloading shotgun andarcheryshooting skills with safety always foremost in mind. You'll beintroduced to the fine art of competitive shooting rifle and pistol silhouette and bullseye disciplines plus gainskeet and trap shotgun savvy.Learn howto shoot black powder muzzleloading rifles much like those the mountain men used. Fire high power rifles at targets 1 000 yards away.Go on a realadventurein the deserted mining town in Van Houten Canyon. A comprehensive Hunter Education program is taught as well culminating with a simulated big game hunt and camping in the backcounty. Campers gain leadership skills independence and make lifelong friends at the NRA Whittington Center Adventure Camp.


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