Outdoor Discovery Program

  • Address: 14421 346th St
  • City: Louisville
  • Zipcode: 68037
  • Phone: 402-471-5547
  • E-Mail: christy.christiansen@nebraska.gov
  • Website: http://outdoornebraska.org/OHEC


Outdoor Discovery Program ObjectivesProvide hands-on programs so all youth, novice or experienced, have the opportunityto explore new outdoor activities and recreational possibilities and learn new outdoorskills.Enhance their knowledge and ethical understanding of wildlife and the outdooratmosphere.Encourage health and wellness to students by promoting active outdoor lifestyles.Correlate activities with Nebraska State Standards in the areas of science, math,history, reading and writing.Engage students in fun interactive activities in the areas of wildlife/habitat management,natural resource use, Nebraska History, shooting sports, hunting skills, aquaticknowledge and fishing skills, and camping and recreation.


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