Pope County 4-H Shooting Sports & Wildlife Club

  • Address: 130 East Minnesota Avenue
  • City: Glenwood
  • Zipcode: 56334
  • Phone: (320) 634-7734
  • E-Mail: mnext-pope@umn.edu
  • Website: http://www.mn4h.org


The 4-H Shooting Sports Wildlife (SSW) project is open to youth in grades 3 interested in learning about wildlife, the environment, conservation, hunting, firearm safety, and taxidermy. Pope County 4-H has a shooting sports wildlife club, called Sharp Shooters, for members interested in participating in grouplearning and competing in shooting events at the Minnesota 4-H Shooting Sports Wildlife Invitational. The club meets periodically throughout the winter months and regularly during the summer. Meetings are spent either learning about wildlife and safety or spent doing on-line shooting with a trained coach. Members learn ethics, sportsmanship, responsibility, leadership, as well as safe storage and safe handling of firearm and archery equipment.A typical Sharp Shooter meeting may involve having a guest speaker from the DNR teach about wildlife restoration, planning a group wildlife project, or taking a field trip to a local park.During the summer members meet with coaches to spend time practicing at the range. Times and locations depend onthe discipline. The culmination of the year is the State Shooting Sports Wildlife Invitational where memberscompete against members from across the state in shooting and other types of competitions."


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