Project Appleseed – Idaho

  • Address: 2470 Julie Ln Payette ID 83661
  • Contact name: Griff Marshall
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: 503-686-9500
  • Website:
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In today’s world of 24-hour news cycles, changing technologies, and push-button gratification, it’s a challenge to stay connected to the values that our great country was built on. Ideals like integrity, commitment, and personal responsibility are what our founding fathers relied on to win our independence and to then make America a great nation. At Project Appleseed™, we’re dedicated to keeping these timeless values alive. We promote civic responsibility through the teaching of colonial history and the American tradition of rifle marksmanship. Even after all of these years, there is much to be learned from our forefathers’ examples of perseverance, commitment, and civic virtue. With a full calendar of shooting clinics and events, Project Appleseed is here to make sure these timeless principles live on for generations to come.

Age of Participants
Any age, as long as they can safely handle a firearm.


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