Riverside Gun Club Jr Rifle Training

  • Address: PO Box 152
  • City: Hudson
  • Zipcode: 1749
  • Phone: 978-562-2404
  • E-Mail: mconnelley@riversidegc.org
  • Website: http://www.riversidegc.org


The Junior Rifle and Air Pistol program is a high quality marksmanship program dedicated to the advancement of junior marksmanship in both the smallbore rifle and air pistol disciplines. Safety is our number one objective. All new shooters must participate in a safety and marksmanship seminar prior to entering the range for the first time. Hearing and eye protection is required on the range when shooters are on the firing line. Shooters have an opportunity for recognition of advancement through the NRA Junior Marksmanship qualifications for both Air Pistol and Smallbore Rifle. Qualifications are awarded at the end of the season at the Program banquet. The program runs for 19 weeks starting on the first Friday in October (new this year returning shooters take note!). There is no shooting on those days when Hudson schools are closed either for holidays or for snow. A more precise calendar of shooting dates will be posted in the early fall. Signups are on the first day of the season (for 2013 this is October 4th) beginning at 6:00 pm. The program is limited to 40 shooters with returning shooters having priority. First time signups are selected on a first come first served basis (space available). A parent or guardian must accompany the junior shooter at the club. Juniors will not be permitted to shoot if a parent or guardian is not present. Smallbore Rifle (ages 10-20*):Our NRA/USA Shooting certified coaches provide training and instruction to our juniors in 4 shooting positions (prone sitting kneeling and standing). All the various aspects of marksmanship are covered and reinforced from correct position natural point of aim sight picture and sight alignment to hold control trigger control breathing and follow-through. Shooting is performed at the Riverside indoor range at a distance of 50 feet. The range has 8 points. The course of fire for beginner and intermediate shooter is 25 rounds at 5 separate targets. Advanced shooter's course of fire is 20 rounds at 10 targets with 5 rounds allowed at a sighting target to allow for the adjustment of sight prior to the course of fire. All effort will be made to allow each Junior to shoot the course of fire at least twice each week. New this year: Riverside Gun Club's Junior Rifle Program has joined the Masspenock Junior Rifle League. This is a league of 7 Worcester area Junior Rifle programs that participate in 4 matches throughout the season. These matches run Saturday mornings approximately once per month starting in December. Shooters follow a 30 round course of fire in either a 3-position (prone kneeling standing) or prone-only class. Shooters are further divided into beginner intermediate and advanced groups so shooters compete against others of similar skill level. Finally each club's top five shooters scores are aggregated and the teams are ranked. There is a League awards banquet at the end of season. *Masspenock Junior Rifle League allows shooters who have not yet turned 21 before the first match of the season to participate. Because of this rifle shooters (only) between the ages of 18-20 will be accepted into the Riverside Junior Rifle Program but only if they participate in the Masspenock Junior Rifle League. No NRA qualifications will be awarded to those shooters over the age of 18. A parent is not required to accompany shooters in the 18-20 age range. Air Pistol (ages 10-18):Junior air pistol students have the opportunity to develop their pistol marksmanship utilizing competition air pistols and skilled instruction on proper mechanics. Shooting is performed at the Riverside 10 meter indoor air range. The range has 4 points. In each relay shooters complete a 10 round course of fire at a single target. Shooters may engage as many courses as time allows.


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