Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports


Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports Program includes:1. Firearms safety course2. Supervised practice sessions3. Conduct and submission of Match Scores for state qualification and individual evaluationOur project/program goals objectives and activities include:1. Purchase competitive quality air rifles and pistols and bows2. Teach safety first 3. Improve shooting skills of members in all disciplines4. Grow shooting program member numbers5. Develop confidence in shooting and increase competitive level abilities6. Prepare kids to be successful at county state and national shooting competitionWe want to teach kids a hobby that they can participate in safely throughout their lives - whether it be through competitive shooting and/or hunting. We want our shooting sports program to continue to growand kids to be excited about the program. We have had kids qualify and shoot at the national shoot in air pistol air rifle and 22 rifle. Our shooters are finding success and growing in confidence. Members who may not have big success in activities like athletics have learned that for shooting sports they do not have to be the largest or strongest or fastest they just need to have concentration discipline and determination. We see kids practicing safety in shooting sports as well as while hunting.


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