Str8 Shooters Clay Team

  • Address: 2789 Lower East Valley Road
  • City: Dunlap
  • Zipcode: 37327
  • Phone: 423-309-0610
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:


STR8 SHOOTERS CLAY TEAMMISSION STATEMENTThe Str8 Shooters Clay Team was organized in the late summerof 2014 with three objectives in mind. First we want to offer the opportunityto participate in shotgun shooting sports to every student in the greaterHamilton Sequatchie and Rhea county areas. Students that are not fortunateenough to have a shooting sports team associated with their school now have aplace to participate. We are open to the growing community of home schoolstudents that need a organization to offer the shooting sports. Second we wantto develop leadership and character in our youth. Shotgun shooting sports isanother way to attract and reach these students. Third we hope to generateinterest and see the popularity of shooting sports grow in this area. Our goalis to instruct more youth in firearm safety and marksmanship developingleadership and character. Our long range objective is for the Str8 ShootersClay team to be a catalyst and spawning ground for other teams instructors and coaches.


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