T.U.F.F. Hunters (The United Foundation Of Future Hunters)


T.U.F.F. Hunters( The United Foundation Of Future Hunters)This group will serve as a gathering point for the organization of a group in Laporte County to focus on the development of youth by way of shooting, hunting, conservation, and other outdoor activities.MISSION STATEMENT:The United Foundation of future Hunters, TUFF HUNTERS, mission statement is to protect our past to guarantee our future and pass on the hunting and outdoors traditions that were was passed on to us. In doing so, we will make a presence where it counts most and you can see – your own back yard.ABOUT US:The United Foundation of Future Hunters, Inc., TUFF HUNTERS, was established by a group of avid outdoorsmen and hunters in 2011 who seen a need to establish a nonprofit organization that would help raise funds for local communities to utilize in a conservational effort.The TUFF HUNTERS founders have several years of experience in fund raising events for several other outdoors organizations. The funds raised at most of those events were then forwarded to a corporate office and disbursed where they deemed most necessary or for various outdoor projects in certain regions or flyways they were focused on. In all the hard work and efforts our local chapters did for these organizations, there was no direct benefit to the area the funds were actually raised. Other organizations that do allow their local chapters to keep portions of the funds they raised from their area for their area restrict what the funds can actually be utilized for. This is where TUFF HUNTERS is different. First, we do believe that all the other outdoor organizations do a fantastic job in helping conservation efforts in the cause of each of their mission statements.TUFF HUNTERS does not have just one mission except the education and outdoor awareness of youths. Every area or community knows best what is needed in their own back yards. Whether it be predator control, habitat rehabilitation/conservation, bird populations, wildlife conservation, mandatory hunter education/safety programs and Conservational Scholarships, TUFF HUNTERS will be there to help, promote, encourage and achieve success. To be simple, the funds raised at TUFF HUNTERS benefits stay and are utilized where that chapter deems necessary. TUFF HUNTERS wants each chapter to set a goal and a mission for that chapter and TUFF HUNTERS will guide them through it to ultimately achieve their goal and maintain it for the future hunters, outdoors men and women to have privilege to as well.TUFF HUNTERS and each established chapter will teach, guide and educate our current and future outdoors men and women to learn and provide together to conserve, protect and enhance our great outdoors. We will ensure each chapter and member that we will strive to have banquets with many one of a kind items, high quality merchandise, a great selection of firearms, artwork and many locally made or donated items.TUFF HUNTERS is always looking for different or new national banquet items as well and if you own or know a business that may help, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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