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We offer biathlon development programs for athletes from 10-30 years old. The athletes learn to shoot .22 caliber biathlon rifles, primarily working with the Anschutz Fortner Bolt rifles. Our programs aim to develop Champions in Sport and Life and we do that through providing happy, healthy outdoor activity. In the biathlon programs that encompasses both ski and marksmanship training. Our programs are non exclusive meaning that we are happy to have any participants, regardless of goal or ability, as long as they are willing to commit to our training programs and put in the time. The program has been in existence for 5 years and now lists a number of Youth/Jr World Championship Team members among its ranks and this season, we saw an alum of the program become the first from our team to make a World Cup and Sr World Championship team.

Our venue is site of the 2002 Olympics and a bid site for another Olympic Games in either 2030 0r 2034.

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