Trimble Co 4-H Shooting Sports Club

  • Address: 43 High Country Rd
  • City: Bedford
  • Zipcode: 40006
  • Phone: 502-255-7188
  • E-Mail:
  • Website: http://Coming soon


4-H Youth Shooting Sports Club.Serving youth ages 9-18.We strive to safely educate our youth in the use of firearms and archery equipment.In a safe fun drug free environment while preparing our youth to become better citizens and leaders of our community.In Kentucky theShooting Sports Education Program began in Kentucky in 1988 mirroring the same program in Texas. The program grew rapidly where now it involves approximately 6 000 youth and 900 volunteers statewide.The program believes that:Youth development is the number one goal of the Shooting Sports Education ProgramIt provides an effective tool for human growth and development for youth and adultsIt is an introduction to the safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment which is a valuable life skill.It trains youth to handle and shoot firearms safely. It teaches leadership and responsibility in a non-formal environment while offering fun activities for youth and adults. While competition is not the main focus the program does offer opportunities to participate in shooting events competing in various disciplines and age groups.The disciplines included in the program are Shotgun (12 and 20 gauge) Rifle (.22 cal. Bolt action Air and BB) Pistol (Air and .22 cal.) Muzzleloader (Rifle and Pistol) Archery (Compound Bare and Recurve Bow Hunter and Target) and Hunter Challenge. All clubs and events are coordinated and supervised by nationally and state trained volunteers.


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