Uinta County 4-H

  • Address: 228 9th St.
  • City: Evanston
  • Zipcode: 82930
  • Phone: 307-783-0570
  • E-Mail: 4-H@uintacounty.com
  • Website: http://uintacounty.com/4-H


4-H youth development education programs create supportive environments for culturally diverse youth and adults to reach their fullest potential. In support of this mission we will:*provide formal and non-formal community-focused experiential learning *develop life skills that benefit youth throughout life*build internal and external partnerships for programming and funding*strengthen families and communities*use research-based knowledge and the land grant university systemAchievement of this mission will result in capable, competent, and caring citizens.We believe in these values:Youth development is the focus of everything we do. 4-H allows individuals to unlock their potential.Partnerships are essential in successful youth development.Volunteerism is fundamental.Diversity strengthens the ability of 4-H.


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