Washtenaw Sportsman’s Club, Junior Rifle Division


Since the start of the program in 2001 we have worked with over 1 700 young shooters. Small bore description as published on our website follows.Small Bore Rifle (seasonal outdoors) Time: 10AM to Noon on Saturdays Cost: Individual - $4.00 Jr. Rifle Pistol Individual - $6.00 Family - $18.00 Participants shoot for record on standard Basic Marksmanship and NRA 50-foot small-bore targets.Participants work toward the standard NRA Sport Shooting and American Rifleman Qualifications that arealso used by adult shooters. Ranks start at Pro-Marksman then Marksman then Marksman First Class then Sharpshooter then nine more ranks until Expert.Beyond Expert extraordinary shooters may continue to Distinguished Expert.Eachof the initial ranks require a set of targets with a score above a certain minimum. Each rank must be earned in order. For each Qualification that aparticipant earns he or she is presented with a Certificate and a Patch or seal for their certificate.Pistol (seasonal outdoors) Time: 1PM to 3PM on Saturdays Cost: Individual - $4.00 Jr. Rifle Pistol Individual - $6.00 Family - $18.00 We will use the Handgun and Bullseye Pistol qualification programs as shooters progress from relatively easy to more difficult types of pistol shooting. As with the other programs above these programs build marksmanship skills through progressive steps from Pro-Marksman through Distinguished Expert. In this program we will use .22 caliber semi-automatic pistols.


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