Wildcat Trap

  • Address: 8225 East Farm Rd 174
  • City: Rogersville
  • Zipcode: 65742
  • Phone: 417-818-1228
  • E-Mail: kboyer@logrog.net
  • Website: http://www.wildcattrap.com


Wildcat Trap is open to any girl or boys in the grades 7-12. It is a club sport within the Logan-Rogersville school district. Wildcat Trap is recognized by the school but is self funded. Since we are part of the school we are tax exempt and also provide the districts W-9. We just completed the third year of our team. Our team has won several state titles and few trophies at the nation level. We had a young man win the Sub-Jr class A title at the AIM grand held at Sparta Il this past summer.We practice twice a week during the season so each kid shoot 100 round a week in practice plus what we shoot in competition.


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