Program Needs

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance provides guidance in identifying shooting sports programs deemed qualified for financial assistance and/or product support.

Identification and Support of Youth Shooting Sports Program Needs

Youth and social organizations have exposed millions of kids to shooting sports. The shooting sports industry is literally besieged by this myriad of organizations requesting financial and/or product support.

Although these requests for assistance are well intended, the collective scope of needs exceeds the industry's ability to support them all. As a service to the shooting sports industry, the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance provides guidance about which programs should be considered as priority in having the greatest return on investment, measured by projected program growth and participation.

Each year, the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance conducts a National Youth Shooting Sports Program Needs Assessment to aid in identifying limitations to program growth attributed to the need for shooting sports equipment and supplies. A panel of select industry members reviews proposals submitted in response to the assessments and identifies the priority programs that best contribute to the future market goals of the industry.

Invitations to participate in the national assessments of priority shooting sports programs are sent to:

  • Boy Scout Councils
  • JROTC Brigade
  • District Managers
  • Area Managers
  • National 4-H Shooting Sports State Contacts
  • Royal Rangers Region
  • District Leaders
  • State Association Leaders

Facilities Development

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance promotes the development and promotion of family-friendly shooting ranges with a positive shooting atmosphere conducive to new shooter participation.

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Strategic Planning

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance’s organizational and strategic plan is to support youth shooting sports programs and lay out their purpose, mission, and goals.

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