Strategic Planning

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance’s organizational and strategic plan is to support youth shooting sports programs and lay out their purpose, mission, and goals.

In order to best support youth shooting sports programs, the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance developed a strategic plan to shape and guide what our organization is, what it does, and why it does it.

Validated goals outlined in this plan are as follows:

A. Provide guidance to the shooting sports industry in addressing the limiting factors to growth in youth shooting sports programs, and solicit the financial and product support to address these needs.

B. Develop an educational outreach program to motivate clubs with shooting range facilities, to improve their community's acceptance of their facility, as well as provide a shooting atmosphere conducive to attracting a broad spectrum of new shooter constituents.

C. Develop an effective medium of communications with clubs in conveying proven community relations and shooter recruitment strategies. Highlight successful programs in periodicals.

The continued commitment of supporters depends on the degree to which the organization achieves its desired results as stated in the strategic plan. Time, enthusiasm, and money are renewed when there is pride in measurable achievement.

At the close of the performance year, each objective approved in the plan will be evaluated. Concurrently, clarification of strengths and weaknesses of the most recent performance effort will be made to prepare for the next cycle of implementation.

Program Needs

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance provides guidance in identifying shooting sports programs that are deemed qualified for financial assistance and/or product support.

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Facilities Development

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance promotes the development and promotion of family-friendly shooting ranges with a positive shooting atmosphere conducive to new shooter participation.

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