4H Shooting Sports of Tuscarawas County

  • Address: 6468 Edie Hill Road S.E.
  • City: Uhrichsville
  • Zipcode: 44683
  • Phone: (740) 922-5814
  • E-Mail: jmartin4h@yahoo.com
  • Website:


Open to all 4h members age 9 to 19 we offer archery hunting wildlife muzzleloader pistol rifle and shotgun projects in our program. We average 40 youth members per year. We supply all firearms archery ammo and safety equipment needed for shooting practice. All the instructors are certified and volunteer there time to the program. This is our 20th year for our county 4h program

We have added to our program Hunting & Wildlife, Advanced Archery, Advanced Pistol, and Advanced Shotgun.


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