Chatham County, GA 4-H Hunting and Outdoor Skills


Youth participating on the Hunting and Outdoor Skills team will learn to shoot a shotgun, .22 rimfire rifle and bow in a hunting setting. The youth will receive FIRST SHOTS instruction on ranges using the 4-H SAFE curriculum, then progress through the Hunting and Outdoor skills curriculum through this spring to learn how to utilize firearms and bows in a hunting setting and how hunting plays a vital role in wildlife conservation.

The team will compete at a state field day event. Each youth will shoot archery at 3D targets of unkown distance, .22 rimfire rifle at 2D target silhouettes at unknown distances, and shotgun at five stand or sporting clays targets. The youth are also evaluated in wild game identification by evaluating furs, wings, feathers, skulls, paw prints or scat; state hunter regulations, hunter shoot/no-shoot scenarios, map reading and compass skills, and walk a hunter trail to evaluate differing wild game scenarios.

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