Forest Lake Camp

  • Address: 261 Forest Lake Rd
  • City: Chestertown
  • Zipcode: 12817
  • Phone: 518-623-4771
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What is Forest Lake Camp?Forest Lake Camp is a traditional overnight summer camp for boys and girls located just north of Lake George in the Southern Adirondack Mountains of New York. Founded in 1926 Forest Lake Camp has enriched the lives of thousands of boys and girls. Generations of families have sent their children to FLC.Many of our original campers sent their own children (and now grandchildren) to FLC. Grandparents often visit FLC to admire the changes and updates on campus along with the classic camp scenery that remains familiar and untouched by time. Our broad range of activities will provide your child with the opportunity to try new things learn new skills and truly enjoy the beautiful surroundings in the Adirondack Mountains.The Perfect Summer Camp SettingForest Lake Camp sits on 823 acres at the southern end of the Adirondack Park in New York State. You can see the southern Adirondack peaks from various locations on our camp property.One of our most popular summer camp features is Forest Lake itself.Forest Lake is our very own private spring fed lake where campers swim sail and cool down after busy days of camp activities.FLC is a Brother Sister Camp FLC is not a co-ed camp but rather a brother/sister camp. This means that our boys camp and girls camp each have their own distinct programs activities campuses and living areas. The separate girls and boys camp programs co-exist on our same FLC property providing a unique experience for each.The brother/sister camp arrangement is very popular with families that want to send brothers and sisters to the same camp but also want their children to have their own camp experiences.On certain special events (such as Campfire) the two camps unite to create a shared experience.Sessions and Programs .We offer 2 3 4 5 and 7 week programs for boys and girls aged 8-16.The boys and girls camps both start and end on the same dates making it extremely convenient for families with both boys and girls.No matter how long you would like your son or daughter to visit camp we have multiple options for you to choose from. We really can't imagine a better place to spend a summer!We also offer aFamily Campweek at the end of summer.Family Campis an opportunity for the whole family (parents included) to enjoy a fun-filled summer camp experience.


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