Huron Pointe Sportsman’s Association Youth Shotgun program


We are a program that introduces youth (ages 9-23 years old) to the safe and fun experience of shotgun shooting. We teach beginning shooter, intermediate shooters, experienced shooters, and competition shooter. We work with both American Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays as well as International Trap.We participate with the 4-H, ATA-AIM, SCTP, Michigan State High School Clay Target League (Anchor Bay & L'Anse Creuse-North High Schools), and USA Shooting (Junior Olympic) Programs. At present we have 35 active completion shooters as well as another 40 active non-competitive shooters.We believe if we teach the safe and ethical practices of shooter the kids and families will have a sport for life. Weather they just shoot target or also hunt, shooting can be enjoyed by the individual as well as the family, community, and individual.


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