Illinois Junior Precision Shooters&reg

  • Address: 2405 22W618 Burr Oak Drive 3/25/2015 17:33 60137-74
  • City:
  • Zipcode: 47182
  • Phone: State of Illinois Marksmanship Training Unit
  • E-Mail: 630-858-4598
  • Website:


IJPS was founded August 2004 as a Junior Athletic Association. We stay true to our mission to identify educate train and develop Junior Precision Pistol Athletes to be major competitors in National Rifle Association "Precision Pistol" competition.We train and compete 12 months a year.Every June we sponsor a three (3) dayJunior Precision Pistol Competition Camp.A "2700" NRA "approved" match is fired at this event.Our Team shoots Ruger 22/45's Mark II's III's (5.5"barrels) which have been modified for competition and are capable of shooting a 1.25" shot group at 50 yards.


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