Madison County 4H Shooting Sports

  • Address: 3416 Ridgeway Drive
  • City: Anderson
  • Zipcode: 46012
  • Phone: 765-623-2141
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:


Our program in a 4H program that is taught by instructors that have all been certified by the 4H training program.We hold our classes as a 6 week program with students attending one class per week for 6 weeks.Our club provides ALL firearms and ammunition as well as ALL bows/arrows for our archery class.All of our disciplines are available for enrolled 4H youth from 3rd grade to 12th grade with the exception of our Pistol discipline.Our club has made it mandatory that our pistol students must be 7th grade or older.SAFETY is the main focus of our classes.We do teach the students how to shoot but we are not trying to make them world class marksmen. We focus on teaching safe handling loading unloading and firing.How to safely check to see if a firearm is loaded how to safely unload it and to ALWAYS respect the firearms while having fun enjoying a great outdoor activity.


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