Mass Rifle Junior Rifle

  • Address: 4 George Avenue
  • City: Woburn
  • Zipcode: 1801
  • Phone: (978) 257-0406
  • E-Mail:
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Mass Rifle has both a beginner to advanced program. We have slot available for 36 beginner rifle shooters. We instruct them on 4 position rifle and safe firearm handling along with range etiquette. We teach both juniors and parents to enjoy the sport and make it a life long sport all members of the family can do together.We then take juniors from our club and any other club who do not have an advanced program and take them to a competition level. My goal if the junior wants is to help him or her attain a level to be recruited to a NCAA Rifle team with possible scholarship funding. I have had several go on to the military and military shooting team (AMU rifle, West Point) I have also had others go on to the USA Development team and to be members of the USA Olympic Team. We have had many others go on and be members of division one rifle teams, graduate and are now respected members of the community and still in their spare time shooting or helping in junior programs.I also have members of my advanced team take my coaching classes to become certified junior coaches and then move on to becoming level 1 coaches when they turn of age. These juniors then donate time to the beginner program and help train them along with reinforcing their personal training.My goal is to teach juniors to love and respect the sport and carry it forward for generations to come. Also to take them as far as they would like to go in this sport.


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